Pet Shelter
By supporting our
new pet shelter you
will ensure every
member of the
family escapes an
abusive home.

How To Help

Rose Brooks Center saves lives every day by offering immediate emergency safety to women and children desperately fleeing violent homes. Your generous gift of time, talent or treasure will help us provide our life-saving services and programs to more than 15,000 women and children each year.

Thank you for supporting Rose Brooks Center. We rely on the generosity of the Kansas City community to help us protect these families.

Please select from the giving options to your left. We appreciate your support.


How To Help a Friend

Click here to read ways you can help a friend in trouble. (PDF)


Support Project SAFE

Project SAFE is a comprehensive in-school violence prevention program targeting our community’s most at-risk youth. Unlike other prevention programs, Project SAFE continues year after year, providing participants with a lasting support system (Learn More)


Make a Donation Today. Save a Life Tonight.

$100 - One month supply of formula for babies in shelter
$250 - Three months of meals for a woman and child
- Five safe nights for a woman escaping abuse
- One week's worth of heat and lights for shelter resident


Domestic violence affects the entire community, no matter who you are. At Rose Brooks Center, we believe that it will take all of us working together to end the cycle of domestic violence. This means each and every person, including you, is a vital partner in our work.

Please take a moment to share who you are and proclaim to our community that “I Am Rose Brooks” and I’m committed to ending the cycle of domestic violence.

#IAmRoseBrooks Instructions

1. Download the #IAmRoseBrooks template.

2. Write your personal “I am” message. Make sure it’s dark and legible for the camera.
“I am courageous” or “I am strong and independent”
“I am a teacher” or “I am a family physician” or “I am a social worker”
“I am a survivor” or “I am a loving father”

3. Take a selfie with your #IAmRoseBrooks or ask a friend to take a picture for you.

4. Post the photo to Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #IAmRoseBrooks and email it to so we can share it on our social media as well.

5. Invite friends and family to be a part of #IAmRoseBrooks






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