A World Without Violence and Oppression

A World Without Violence and Oppression

June 3, 2020
For Immediate Release


Dear Friends,

Rose Brooks Center envisions a world without violence. Our hearts break at the senseless violence impacting Black clients, staff and community, and we stand with #BlackLivesMatter and others who want to be part of the solution and see an end to police brutality.

One of our initiatives is to create safe communities – including educating our staff and community partners while addressing ways in which systemic racism and oppression continues to impact the Black community.  Rose Brooks Center will continue to learn from others and support healing within the systems we support, while removing barriers to care and advocating for victims of domestic violence who experience cultural and racial disparities.  

We also recognize that when we come together we can work towards systemic change to dismantle injustices endured by Black people and save more lives. We are committed to stand along with our communities to achieve equality and address generations of injustice — working together to see an end to violence everywhere.

We collectively stand in solidarity.

Susan K. Miller
Rose Brooks Center CEO



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