Humane Society Gives The Dog of Valor Award to Former Four-Legged RBC Resident



Safety for the Entire Family

In 2012, Rose Brooks Center will become the first domestic violence shelter in the region to welcome four-legged friends.

Last year, a woman called our hotline after her boyfriend had beaten her - almost to death - with a hammer. Immediately we found space for this young woman and arranged for the police to bring her to shelter. There was one problem. She had a 110-pound Great Dane whom she refused to leave behind. You see, the dog had saved her life by lying on top of her during the attack and taking the majority of the blows. As a result, he sustained many broken bones, including a hip and two ribs. She refused to abandon her angel, as she called him. Knowing her life was in danger, we agreed.

The giant Dane was the first animal to live at Rose Brooks Center, but he has not been the last. It became abundantly clear early on that the incredible therapeutic benefit pets can have on a family greatly outweighed the cost and inconvenience of housing them.

Help ensure families like this aren't torn apart.

Although ground has been broken for our new Pet Shelter, we are still needing funds to cover the expense of this project. Help us care for the entire family by supporting our new Pet Shelter.


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