Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday



Together we can give the gift of safety, hope, and healing to survivors of domestic violence. By your acts of giving, volunteerism, or spreading the hope of our services, you represent our mission so beautifully – and we thank you. Giving Tuesday is November 29th.


The Gift of Safety

The Safety of Shelter.
Families who enter the safety of shelter, are often at the height of the most dangerous time in their lives. Safety allows them to pause, breathe, and reclaim their futures. 
Safe Connections.
Safe connections are essential for survivors and their families who live outside the safety of Rose Brooks Center. Helping survivors navigate complex legal systems, or connecting them to other support networks is vital to a survivor’s safe future.
Safety Helps Pets Heal.
Feeling safe for a pet can take time even after the threat of violence is gone. Safety gives them the extra space and time they need to rebuild their confidence and heal. We are thankful to see pets and their owners heal together.
GivingTuesday_financial safety
Financial Safety.
Safety relies heavily on financial independence. Increased financial independence helps survivors cope with stress and increases their overall safety.
Safety Helps Us Dream.
Safety gives children time to build trust in the world around them. They can again dream about the future and ask “Who do I want to be?”
Safety Increases Learning.
Feeling safe decreases anxiety and increases our ability to focus. Simply put, feeling safe makes learning possible.