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Are you looking for a new way to support Rose Brooks Center? Do you have a birthday coming up, a party planned, or a daring feat you’re about to undertake?

Each year, people decide to help support the survivors of domestic violence in personal and unique ways, through individual campaigns. It could be a sponsored physical challenge, a birthday party with a purpose, or an in-kind supply drive. No matter what you’d be interested in doing for your campaign, it would help provide much need services and supplies to the women, children, and pets we serve at Rose Brooks Center.

To make this process even easier, we can create an individual giving page where you can list your individual goal, no matter if it’s $500 or $5,000, and track the campaign’s progress. Your friends, family, and colleagues can come to this page to support your very important efforts.

Planning to raise $2,500 or more to benefit Rose Brooks Center? If so, you get the added bonus of being able to leave a personalized message for your friends and family who visit the site and receive messages from those who donate to your cause. Contact Katy McCoy at to learn more about this unique opportunity.

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Corporate Partners

Rose Brooks Center understands corporate partners want more than to simply write a check or attend an event. They want their employees to feel connected and invested in the causes they choose to support. That’s why our team works with your company to tailor each support partnership to fit your company’s goals and needs.

Your company’s customized support package could include:
Large-scale volunteer days
Office supply drives
Staff fundraising challenges
Event participation
Online marketing opportunities
Social media activity

To find out more about our corporate partnerships or to develop your company’s tailored support package, please contact Scott Mason at 816-605-7113.

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