J. Matthew Legacy Fund

J. Matthew Legacy Fund

J. Matthew Fund

“I had the privilege of loving J. Matthew, and the honor of being his earthly ‘Mommie.’ I will love him forever. Our job now is to ensure no one is ever separated from their fur-baby again due to domestic violence.” – McKenzie (aka “J. Matthew’s mom”)

Nearly a year after his passing and much healing, we respectfully introduce The J. Matthew Legacy Fund. This fund is being established in the life and memory of J. Matthew, an extraordinary Great Dane who shared his love for 9 years and 105 days. He is truly missed, and will forever live in our hearts. The objective of The J. Matthew Legacy Fund is simple: To provide funding that allows adults and children escaping abuse a place to bring their cherished family pets to heal and flourish. In helping support his fund, you will help ensure the life-saving care is available, for the entire family.

To read more of their story and strength, please visit our Pet Shelter page HERE.

The Safety of Shelter

It is our goal, that The J. Matthew Legacy Fund will continue to provide quality care in the safety of shelter, enrichment activities, and coordinated vet care for the animals – to help make sure they are happy and healthy.

We Invite You to Help

We invite you to participate in supporting the legacy of J. Matthew, while providing safety and shelter for pets and their owners.

Support This Fund

We invite you to support this fund by using the donate button below and selecting the option to make a gift in someone’s memory. Please name “J. Matthew.”