Mayor Lucas Introduces Gun Ordinance

Mayor Lucas Introduces Gun Ordinance

October 31, 2019
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Mayor Lucas Introduces Gun Ordinance Aimed at Helping Save Domestic Violence Victims 

Kansas City, Mo, October 31, 2019 – Yesterday morning, under the roof of Rose Brooks Center, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas introduced an ordinance aimed at curbing gun violence and violent crime. Mayor Lucas said the ordinance would allow police to arrest a person carrying a firearm who has been convicted of domestic violence, whether a felony or misdemeanor, or who has been issued a restraining order. The ordinance would also allow police to remove the firearm.

“Someone who has committed acts of violence against their intimate partners, have been shown to be a greater threat to kill their partner,” Lucas said. “This is one more step in a series of actions that we’re taking to combat gun violence and violent crime.”
Lucas said the inspiration for the local legislation came from a recent visit to the Rose Brooks Center, in which he had conversations with domestic violence victims and advocates. Those people, the mayor said, taught him the prevalence of firearms in the realm of domestic violence.
When Lucas was touring Rose Brooks, he asked what was one of the biggest concerns for victims of domestic violence. Annie Struby, Rose Brooks Center’s Blueprint for Safety Coordinator, answered “Guns.” Six weeks later, Mayor Lucas unveiled a new ordinance at a press conference at Rose Brooks Center to keep guns out of the hands of domestic violence abusers.
“Over half of the most violent abusers, those most likely to kill their partners, have access to firearms,” explains Annie Struby. “This proposed ordinance is a huge step towards saving the lives of the survivors we work with each day.”
At Rose Brooks Center advocates work every day with survivors who have been threatened with a gun by their partner and fear they will be killed. Which is why we continue our work with the city to create a coordinated response to victims of domestic violence while working to hold offenders accountable.

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