Speaker Bios

Speaker Bios

Speakers for the Shelter The Whole Family Conference bring a wide range of expertise surrounding pet care and the animal-human bond. Please take a moment to get to know them prior to May 14th.


Dr. Bryna Donnelly is the co-founder of GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Rebuild program, which renovates animal shelters in need both nationally and internationally. She began the program as a hobby while working as a college biology professor, often recruiting her students to help with projects. In 2011, she left teaching altogether to run Rescue Rebuild full-time. Since its inception in 2006, Rescue Rebuild has renovated over 135 shelters helping countless animals. Teaching volunteers how they can enrich the lives of thousands of animals and their caretakers with time, a little hard work and perseverance is her mission in life. Bryna is now bringing this passion to GreaterGood.org’s Safe Haven program to create pet-friendly housing options for victims of domestic violence and people experiencing homelessness.  Applying her animal sheltering construction knowledge to help people in crisis and their pets has been the most rewarding part of her animal welfare experience.


Katie Campbell is the Outreach Manager for RedRover and has worked with nonprofits for 10-plus years. During this time she has worked with diverse communities across racial, ethnic, and economic lines in positions ranging from front line service to management roles.  She has worked with survivors of domestic violence, as well as other individuals at risk, and with many nonprofits serving these communities. Katie is a firm believer that more can be accomplished when organizations work together and with the community rather than in silos.



Zoe Agnew-Svoboda is the PAWS Place Program Coordinator for Rose Brooks Center. She began her career in animal welfare almost a decade ago and has been with Rose Brooks Center in her current role for 5 years. Before coming to Rose Brooks Center, she worked at prominent animal shelters in the Kansas City area in both management and animal care roles. While at Rose Brooks Center, Zoe gained experience advocating for domestic violence survivors in multiple settings as well as providing education to the community on the link between animal abuse and human violence, and how to safely house survivors and their pets. She is dedicated to sharing her experience working with the human/animal bond in hopes all shelters will be accessible to those in need.