Table Captain FAQ

Table Captain FAQ

Table Captain FAQs

What should I tell my guests about Rose Brooks Center?

  • Rose Brooks Center is the largest full-service domestic violence provider in the state of Missouri, serving more than 15,000 individuals, children, and their pets each year. Our mission is to end the cycle of domestic violence and we do that in a variety of ways – to name a few:
    • We offer a 100 bed emergency shelter for adults and their children that is typically full every night.
    • We also offer the regions first on-site pet shelter for their family pets, along with a full pet program, including a foster program for when our pet shelter is full.
    • Rose Brooks Center focuses on prevention of violence through our Project SAFE® violence prevention program. We serve over 2,000 kids each year in a total of 26 Jackson County area schools with educational support groups, classroom presentations and individual therapeutic support to children, pre-school through senior high.
    • We offer Outreach Therapy support and case management to adults and children breaking free from domestic violence who do not need or want emergency shelter services.
    • We help adults and children begin their new lives with a Housing program. Clients receive case management services, therapy, partially subsidized rent and the opportunity to rebuild their lives.
    • Rose Brooks Center has a co-located SAFEcare Health Clinic that allows adults and children to become connected with a healthcare provider and begin to address their health needs. Volunteer physicians come twice a month to see our families.
    • In Rose Brooks’ hospital-based Bridge Program™, they serve hospital and clinic patients experiencing domestic violence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provide ongoing training and protocol development for medical staff.

How will my support as a Table Captain make a difference?

  • You are one of our greatest ambassadors!
    • As a Table Captain we ask you to invite 9 guests. If you have more than 9 guests, reach out to to make accommodations.
    • If you have less than 9 guests, we will fill your table with additional guests. You are also welcome to share a table with a friend if you’d only like to invite 4 guests.
  • This support alone will make a great impact on the futures of our families!
  • Who should I invite?
    • Safe Futures Brunch is a great opportunity for new people to learn about Rose Brooks Center. While many guests will have attended a previous event, we encourage you to either reintroduce someone to Rose Brooks Center or invite those brand new.

Do I tell my guests it’s a fundraiser?

  • Absolutely! We rely on the gifts made at each event to sustain the programs at Rose Brooks Center.
  • Please let your guests know that at the end of the presentation there will be an opportunity to make a discreet pledge of support.

How do I encourage people to attend Safe Futures Brunch?

  • Tell them you’re a Table Captain for Rose Brooks Center’s Safe Futures Brunch and you’d like them to be your guest at this 1.5 hour event. Explain that they will sit at your table and learn more about the mission of Rose Brooks Center.

Should I invite men?

  • Please do. Domestic violence is an issue that impacts men, women and children and is not merely a women’s issue. Also consider inviting the spouses and significant others of your female guests.

How will my guests be acknowledged after the event?

  • Rose Brooks’ staff will personally call and thank each and every person that attends the Brunch. Guests who make a gift will receive a formal acknowledgement letter in the mail. Table Captains will also be provided with blank note cards to be used as thank you notes for their guests.