Week of Action

Week of Action

1 in 4

1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men are victims of domestic violence. Last year alone, Rose Brooks spoke with 8,000+ individuals on our hotline who were seeking safety. And since Kansas City’s state of emergency, we’ve seen a 31% increase in callers. Because of this – we want you to raise your voices, so that all victims and survivors know Rose Brooks is here and you are an ally.


A Week of Action is a national week designated to bring heightened awareness to the epidemic of domestic violence and asks its participants to magnify the topic by taking action. Below are ways to get involved or learn more about the impact of domestic violence.


#StandWithRoseBrooks Sunday – Oct. 18

Today, with the help some of our friends, we kick-off our week of action with a challenge. Use our “Stand with Rose Brooks” sign and make your own statement today! Share on social media why you stand with us, or use the following examples to make a powerful statement: @rosebrookskc on Twitter and Instagram or @rosebrookscenter on Facebook. #7days7ways

Examples you can use:

I #StandWithRoseBrooks because together we can end #domesticviolence. To learn more about what you can do or how you can stand with @rosebrookskc,

More than 50% of victims won’t leave without their pet. That’s why @rosebrookscenter built a pet shelter. To learn more about what you can do or how you can stand with @rosebrookskc rosebrooks.org/weekofaction/

#MyOneAction Monday, Oct. 19

Everyone can do one thing to raise awareness or make a difference. What is your one action? Not sure what to do? We have some suggestions here for you. We’d love to hear about your #MyOneAction! #7days7ways

And of course, we respectfully invite you to make a donation, which we will honor with services to those who need safety and support.

Talk About It Tuesday – Oct. 20

Talk with friends and family (including our sons and daughters) about the issue of domestic and dating violence.

We invite you to visit our Project SAFE™ page to look for guidance. There you can find “Youth Safety Plans” or a “Dating Violence Guide” which includes what parents should know and what you can do to help. You can also educate yourself on things to do if you suspect your friend, young or old, is in an abusive relationship HERE. #7days7ways

Share a Resource Wednesday – Oct. 21

Domestic violence impacts us all. Today, you can make a difference by sharing resources for women, men, LGBTQ+, and more who need to know they are not alone and there is support.

You can always share Rose Brooks Center’s information as a resource, including our Safety Plans. We are here for every victim, and when you reach out it is safe, free, and confidential. Our job is to listen and provide support. Calling a hotline can be scary, but we are here to answer your questions. 816-861-6100. Reach out. Be safe. #7days7ways

Full list of national, inclusive resources: National Coalition Against DV

#PurpleThursday – Oct. 22

Today’s awareness challenge is simple. Wear purple for #purplethursday and let others know why through social channels, email, text, etc. etc. Purple is the color representing Domestic Violence Awareness, and you are an ally honoring victims and supporting survivors! Thank you. #7days7ways

Follow Us Friday – Oct. 23

Visit any of our social channels and follow us today. OR invite your friends to follow us! #7days7ways


Or any of the many channels raising awareness about the issue of domestic violence. We have recommended a few!
Futures Without Violence
KC Anti-Violence Project
Love is Respect

Show Them Saturday – Oct. 24

After a full week of action, today is the day we show them they are not alone.

Participants are asked to tie purple ribbons to mailboxes, trees, or fences as a visible sign of awareness. OR download one of our images below for your profile picture.
I Believe You
Take a Stand
Love Doesn’t Hurt